Minnesota Gambian Community Welcomes 2016 In Spectacular Style

By Lamin Sabally

2016 new year celebrations in Minnesota will assuredly go down the memorable lane as one of the most successful events both in terms of attendance, exhibition of women gorgeous dresses, musical entertainment and donations generated, going by testaments given by community members both during and after the annual new year’s eve party.

Organized by the Leadership of the Gambian Association, the annual party was part of grandiose efforts to promote unity through socialization in our community.Both the DJ Bless Jagne and MC Tuta Fatu Jome did a wonderful job of providing high quality assortment of music and galvanizing patty attendees to dance respectively.

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In welcoming the quests, Secretary General Lamin Gibba implored all to continue to support the leadership in charge of the Association in the realization of its goals including promting unity and cohesion among Gambians in Minnesota. Reiterating that the Association is non-religious entity and has no political affiliations, but in togetherness and unity of purpose, it was able to send two 40ft containers full of books and medical items to Gambia for distribution to various schools, hospitals and clinics.

Alkali Yaffa, who is the outgoing President, encouraged commumity members who have not yet served in community voluntarism to consider giving it a trial. It takes heart to serve your community and the sacrifice is absolutely necessary, he emphasized.

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Incoming president Lamin Sabally gave a quick summation of some project accomplishments made by the association recently, and included the exclusive funding of 4 burials in MN and intervention in bailing out a community member who was in immigration detention and now facing immigration law violation charges. Last summer, sabally went on; the association also organized a very successful grand community picnic interspersed with kids’ soccer game. Sabally recognized the proliferation of different sub associations in Minnesota as evidence of diversity and noted that despite our minor differences, all can work well with the Gambian Association in pursuance o our shared goals and objectives to promote unity and cohesion as Gambians.

New Elected Executive Members To Take Charge Of The Gambian Association In Minnesota From January 2016 To December 2017

By Lamin Sabally


On Saturday November 28, 2015, community of Gambians in Minnesota have congregated at the community mosque to elect new executive members of their association that will take charge of its affairs for another two year term beginning in January 2016. The election was a fulfillment of the Association’s constitutional requirement which mandate the election of a new member every two years. It was managed and supervised by some highly respected members of the Gambian community in Minnesota and included Ebrima Touray, a distinguished corporate Accountant and graduate of the prestigious University of MN Carlson School of Management and also CPA and CMA certified, Seedia Jaiteh, a Master’s degree holder in Criminal Justice Leadership from St. Thomas University and Kawsu Touray, a former English teacher at a famous high school in the Gambia, Nusrat high school and now teaches at the community’s Islamic Education Center. Beside, Kawsu was the main man behind Radio Gambia’s microphones for the Literary Corner program that was successively hosted by some of the Gambia’s most popular broadcasters, including Saul Njie, Bora Mboge and Malick Jeng.

After the election that showed most of the positions unopposed, the incoming executive members are:

Lamin Sabally as President

Karim Dibba as Vice President

Lamin Gibba as Secretary General

Seedia Jaiteh as Assistant Secretary General

Ousman Fanding Dibba as Program Coordinator

Ansumana Jadama as Auditor

Yankuba Fadera as Treasurer

Abdoulie Gassama as Technology and Internet expert

Palamin Jatta as Social Secretary

Bubacarr Bah as Assistant Social Secretary

Awa Wuyeh Sanneh as Community Relations Coordinator

Abdou Wahab Manjang as Assistant Community Relations Coordinator

Fatou Trawalley as Chairwoman

Ramatoulie Ebrima Touray as Assistant Chairwoman

In the subsequent updates, we will provide the pictures of the new leaders and some brief background information on each  elected person's professional experiances, expertise, and skill set that each is uniquely bringing on board to promote cohesion amongst the growing numbers of Gambians in Minnesota. The unyielding pursuit of unity is based on shared objectives and goals as enshrined in the mission and vision of the not-for profit organization and 501c (3) registered entity that has no political and religious affiliations and is absolutely devoid of tribalism, regionalism or any other parochial predispositions.

Gambian Association Ushers In 2015 With a New Year Party

BY: Lamin Sabally- Interim President

On Wednesday,  December 31, 2014, while defying the mildly cold winter weather, Gambians in Minnesota turned out in a fairly good number at the Minnesota National Guard Amory in Bloomington for the Annual New Year Party. The Party was organized and exclusively funded by the Leadership of the Gambian Association as part of its mandate to promote Gambian culture and tradition.

Reigning top DJ Bless Jagne was the magnetic source of a mix of reverberating Senegambian music. The combination of musical choice did attract most of the attendees to showcase their dancing ability. The Master of Ceremony (MC) was Gambia’s renowned actor, Momodou Musa who excellently exhibited his mastery of the microphone by energizing everyone, especially the women to dance to their satisfaction.

The New Year was traditionally welcome at Midnight with toss of non-alcoholic champagne amid slow jammed relaxing and love musical background. Attendees were later treated to assortment of delicious and mouth- watering Senegambian food and beverages.

Jaliba in Minnesota

On November 20th, 2014, Gambia’s Kora maestro and the newly crowned King of Kora, Jaliba Kuyateh made another unforgettable live musical performance in Minnesota at the same venue. This was the 2nd live stage appearance by the Kumareh band in Minnesota, the first one being in 2012 and it was Jaliba’s 4th visit in the cold mid-western state. Sponsored by the Gambian Association, the event was attended by Senegambians and friends of the Gambia, including Americans, Sierra Leoneans, Ghanaians and Liberians, to name just a few.

In a brief remark, the Vice President of the Gambian Association, Lamin Sabally recognized and praised Jaliba and his band’s contribution in promoting Gambia in the world musical map. He thanked Jaliba on his recent crowing as the King of Kora. Alkali Yaffa, the Association’s president thanked everyone for coming out to support the Gambia Association in its promotion of Gambian culture in the diaspora.

Happy Thanksgivings from MBG

The entire Million Books to the Gambia Project (MBG) team;wish you a very special thanksgiving. It is because of your generous support, MBG shipped eighteen 40-ft containers of books to The Gambia; making us the #2 shipper of books to motherland Africa during Books for Africa’s (BFA) 2013 Fiscal year.

We are thankful and eternally grateful for your support. Happy Thanksgiving to you an your family.