Happy Thanksgivings from MBG

The entire Million Books to the Gambia Project (MBG) team;wish you a very special thanksgiving. It is because of your generous support, MBG shipped eighteen 40-ft containers of books to The Gambia; making us the #2 shipper of books to motherland Africa during Books for Africa’s (BFA) 2013 Fiscal year.

We are thankful and eternally grateful for your support. Happy Thanksgiving to you an your family.

New Executive for the Gambian Association of Minnesota



new executive has been elected for the Gambian Association in Minnesota on Saturday November 23, 2013. The election was held in line with the dictates of the Association’s constitution which sanctioned its convening to usher in a new leadership every two years. It was supervised and conducted by an interim election management committee chaired by US Navy veteran and author of “A week of Hell, Papa Faal, aided by Gainako Newspaper Associate Editor and activist Yorro Jallow and a prominent member of the Women Association of Minnesota, Fatou Trawalley.

Following a carefully methodical betting punctuated by withdraws from the preliminary nomination pool, all, but one of the positions went unopposed, which was the Secretary General position. Alkali Yaffa, Minnesota National Guard Sergeant retained the presidency unchallenged. Lamin Sabally, former Gambian Journalist and Senior Electoral Officer  of the Gambia’s Electoral Commission was equally unanimously elected unopposed as Vice President, Yankuba Fadera, a strong unionist and energetic staunch supporter of the Obama Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill retained the Treasurer position, Mam Nyaha  Jome-Ceesay, a registered nurse and an active member of the MN Gambia Nurse Association won the only contested election for Secretary General, Karim Dibba, a rising computer geek  is the Information Technology Officer and  Lamin Jagne AKA DJ Bless Jagne, Minnesota top Disc Jokey emerged as Program Coordinator.

Minnesota July 4th Event Presents Thrilling Children Compettion On Senegambian History

Gambians and Senegalese in the Midwestern state of Minnesota on Thursday July 4th impressively converged in their huge numbers to celebrate the American Independence anniversary at the usual Columbia Park located at the suburb of the great city of Minneapolis. The annual fun- packed event which was jointly organized by the Gambia Association in Minnesota and their Senegalese counterpart, was also attended by non-Senegambian natives including friends of the two inseparable countries linguistically, ethically and culturally.

An exemplary exhibition of a healthy replicable Diaspora unity among Gambians in Minnesota, United States

The Midwestern cold US State of Minnesota is on the record to have documented stable rises in the number of not only Gambian immigrants, but a significant increase in the number of African immigrants in general as well as those from Asia. Although there are no official data on the exact number of Gambians living here, cogent unofficial approximations gathered by a few Gambia Association officials and some long-settled Gambian immigrants have suggested that there are over 1000 Gambian immigrants in Minnesota.