By-laws of the Gambia Association of Minnesota

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A.      Organizational Year   

The Association's year shall run from the 1st of the month of January through the last day of the month of December.

B.      Elections   

Elections shall be conducted in the month of November and duly elected officers shall assume their offices in the month of January the following year Officers shall hold their offices for a period of 2 years or until the next election, or whichever comes first.

  1. Only members in attendance may be nominated or voted for.
  2. Elected officers shall be required to attend a minimum of 3 general and 6 Committee Meetings per year.

C.      Voting   

Each Regular member, in good standing, may cast one vote. (Proxies may be submitted in writing to the General Secretary). Only members in good standing are eligible to vote or use a proxy.

D.     Order of Business   

The order of business shall be as stipulated by the membership. The President shall be in charge of keeping order with help from the Secretary General.

E.      Association Expenditures  

All expenditures and transactions have to be legal and valid. The general voting membership shall reserve the right for final authorization on all transactions and expenditures. (The President may authorize at his/her discretion a sum of $200.00 for expenditures on behalf of the Association for any given emergency. Such expenses have to be properly documented and reported to the Treasurer and the members at the next meeting. No expenses over $200.00 shall be made without the approval of a majority of the general membership.)

F.      Liability, Indemnity & Compensation   

The Association shall indemnify any Regular member or official up to $200.00 if such a person, while in the process of performing a lawful and authorized act by the association, incurs any liability while in such a capacity. Any member or official who is authorized by the Association, in line with its constitution and by-laws, to incur expenses for the good or the benefit of the Association may be reimbursed for such costs as applicable.

G.     Rights of the Association

The Association shall reserve the right to protect its rights and constitution and to pursue legal recourse and demand a just compensation against any party or parties who may violate its rights.

H.     Governance  

  1. The constitution is the supreme law of the Association.
  2. All members shall be bound by the rules governing the Association per its constitution and by-laws.

I.      Constitutional Amendments 

  1. A two-thirds majority of voting members shall be required to move the President to establish a constitutional amendment committee.
  2. Any Full member in good standing may tender a written proposal for a constitutional amendment to the General Secretary for a general vote at one of the Association's general meetings.
  3. If it passes a two-thirds majority approval, the President shall then proceed to appoint an amendment committee.
  4. The constitution of the Association shall be amended only at a general meeting where at least two-thirds of the total membership is present.
  5. A two-thirds majority vote of all members in attendance at the meeting shall be necessary to adopt a constitutional amendment.
  6. All such ratified amendments shall be binding and become part of the GAM-MN constitution.