To protect and preserve the heritage, culture, history, language, and strong family lifestyles of all of our members and families.

To be the Premier Resource for Gambians, families and friends that:

  • Meets the needs of our community with common interests, living together within a larger society – having a common history, social, economic and/or other related characteristics

  • Connects our people, organization and resources

  • Provide inspiration, education and networking opportunities in order to:

    • Promote and strengthen the welfare of all Gambians

    • Address and find practical solutions to pressing issues impacting our community

    • Advance to the next level of leadership and activism

    • Foster full participation by Gambians in all aspects of its affairs

    • Promote Giving and Volunteerism amongst G.A.M membership

The Gambian Association in Minnesota (G.A.M) is independent of any government, political ideology or religious creed. Our work is guided by the common desire of our members, supporters, and families. That is our Mission Statement.

The Gambian Association in Minnesota