On February 19th, 2022, GAM-MN launched its first community newsletter which was used as a medium to inform the community about the plans of the Executive board, health and wellness issues, education, local businesses among others. 

The Newsletter featured a Note from the former President of GAM-MN, Karim Dibba who gave a brief background about the Association and encouraged the community to provide the much-needed support for the new Executive so that they can serve the community effectively. Information was provided about the newly launched community census which aims to count all persons of Gambian descent in MN, establish a comprehensive database of members and utilize the data to mobilize resources for the community.

The edition provided information about activities that the Executive Board planned to undertake during the first quarter of 2022. The health and wellness column of the newsletter delved into the status of COVID-19 in the Gambian Community. It shared data from a survey gathered to check on vaccination status in the Gambian community where 89% of the Gambian community are reported to have been vaccinated. The Education column featured a graduate from the community, Fatou Kassama Saidy who graduated from St Mary’s University of Minnesota with a Master’s in Human Resources Management. The local business column of the newsletter featured Value Foods located in Brooklyn Park and introduced Fatou Jome (Tuta) who recently became a Realtor, the first in the Gambian community. The Executive Board was also introduced in the edition of the newsletter.

Click here to view newsletter: GAM-MN Community Newsletter Vol1

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