Our By-Laws

The Association’s calendar year shall run from the January 1st to December 31st.

Elections shall be conducted in the month of November and duly elected officers shall assume their roles on the first day of the month of January the following year; and their term shall last for 2 years or until the next election, or whichever comes first. However, in the case of a vacancy, the Executive would include it in the agenda for the proceeding general meeting with a view to replacing the vacancy.

  • Only members in attendance shall be nominated and/or voted for.
  • Elected officers shall be required to attend a minimum of 2 general and 8 Executive Meetings per year.

Each Regular member, in good standing, may cast one vote. Only members in good standing are eligible to vote or be voted for.  Good standing membership may be triggered instantly at any such meeting by payment of the membership dues as stipulated in Article III Section B, Subsection 1 and 2 if applicable.

  1. In case of a tie for any vote particularly in an emergency situation, the opposing groups will be given a two-minute session to argue out their case with a view to swaying the tie breaking vote.
  2. A two-thirds majority of the general assembly may override either the executive and/or the President’s decision.

The Executive shall be in charge of keeping order during the function(s) organized by the Association. All matters relating to the Association’s function(s) should be directed to the Executive

All expenditures and transactions have to be legal and valid. The general voting membership shall reserve the right for final authorization on all transactions and expenditures. (The Executive may authorize at their discretion, with a quorum as stipulated in Article V Section B,     up to $1500.00 for expenditures on behalf of the Association for any given emergency. Such expenses have to be properly documented and reported to the Treasurer and the members at the next meeting.  Expenses over $1500.00 shall only be made  with the approval of the quorum of the general meeting).

The Association shall indemnify any regular member or official up to $200.00 if such a person, while in the process of performing a lawful and authorized act by the association, incurs any liability while in such a capacity; where the amount is greater than $200, the Executive reserves the right to validate such a transaction for indemnity or not.

Any member or official who is authorized by the Association, in line with its constitution and by-laws, to incur expenses for the good or the benefit of the Association may be reimbursed for such costs as applicable.

The Association shall reserve the right to protect its constitution and to pursue legal recourse and demand a just compensation against any party or parties who may violate its rights.

  • The constitution is the supreme law of the Association.
  • All members shall be bound by the rules governing the Association per its constitution and by-laws.
  • Due to changing circumstances as we progress, there comes the need to amend the constitution in order to accommodate such changes as deemed necessary. In that light, the following articles will be used as our guide to effect such amendments.

    1. A quorum shall be required to move the Executive to establish a constitutional amendment committee.
    2. Any member in good standing may tender a written proposal for a constitutional amendment to the Executive for a general vote at least 2 weeks before the Association’s general meetings.
    3. If it passes a quorum’s approval, the Executive shall then proceed to appoint an amendment committee.
    4. The approval of any amended clause of the constitution of the Association shall be made only at a general meeting where a quorum is met.
    5. All such ratified amendments shall be binding and become part of the constitution with immediate effect.
The Gambian Association in Minnesota